The modern container experience

The next great industrial revolution — Industry 4.0 — is here. IoT and smart devices are automating operational processes out of human hands and necessitating reinvention for the companies that depend on a manual approach.

Formerly known as OnePlus Systems, Contelligent’s 30+ years of experience is how companies get the most from a new day for closed container monitoring. We’re trusted by SMBs and Fortune 100 members at every corner of the map to provide a depth of closed container knowledge many never knew they needed.

Why trust Contelligent?

We’re first to market.

We issued the first patent for remote waste container management in 2000 and have attained a number of industry firsts in the years since — from the first fullness monitor to the first cloud-based analytics platform.

We’re container people.

No add-ons, upsells or sister products. We put all of our time and effort into creating the best closed container monitoring and analytics solution in the industry. Nothing else.

We’re always here.

Our support team knows our partners intimately and work diligently to stay educated on the emerging challenges of a variety of container-backed industries.

We know people.

Contelligent maintains long-standing relationships with hundreds of container servicing partners, promising a smooth transition.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going

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OnePlus Systems Founded
One-Plus Systems logo
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First Access Monitor Released
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1st Patent Issued - Remote Management of Waste Containers
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First Fullness Monitor Released
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8th Patent Issued - Controlling Compactor Systems
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First Closed Container Sensor Released
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OnePlus Systems Acquires SmartBin
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Industry 1st Cloud-based Platform for Analytics Released
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Rebranded to Contelligent
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Acquired by Waste Harmonics
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Our leaders

Frequently asked questions

What happened to OnePlus Systems?

Our rebranding effort better reflects the growth and direction of our company, bringing all of our products under an elegant, single-solution umbrella that provides perceptive, intelligent container monitoring and analytics.

Why ‘Contelligent’?

Containers + intelligence.

Simple as that. Our solution raises container intelligence (CQ) with smarter insights that drive smarter actions, enabling the operational efficiencies and benefits that smarter companies seek.

What container types does Contelligent support?

Contelligent provides monitoring hardware, software and support for a variety of closed containers. Our monitors support hydraulic compactors, while our sensor is designed to support containers that may store fresh oil & lubricants, donations and textile collection, used cooking oil or waste oil. Contelligent is the only solution on the market that centralizes the monitoring across all these closed container types, helping you be smarter about waste and container management.

How are you working toward sustainability?

We work with a number of waste management, technology and recycling companies to improve (and in some cases overhaul) their container processes, resulting in more efficient, ecologically friendly practices that reduce CO2 emissions, toxic spills and even landfill overflow.

How do I know my company is ready for intelligent container monitoring?

Don’t wait for the worst-case scenario before turning to us. Big or small, almost any closed container-related operation could benefit from Contelligent today. Whether having trouble standardizing your haul frequency, incorrectly forecasting peak periods or simply have an interest in diving deeper into your waste management processes, Contelligent can move you closer to your business goals.

Improve your CQ with our experts