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May 6, 2021

5 Reasons to Adopt Smart Waste Technology

Are you considering joining the IoT revolution by adding smart devices with your waste container monitoring, but not quite convinced? Companies across the board are leveraging the power of Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). Those joining the “smart” revolution experience a 112% cash flow advantage from their IR 4.0 ventures over those that wait for the price of tech to drop.

Here are five reasons that may help with your decision: 

1. Reduce Costs

Bottom line, it helps your budget. Operational cost reduction is the #1 reason for many to implement IoT.

By using smart sensors on your waste containers, your vendors are automatically notified that your containers are ready to be picked up. This eliminates being charged by haulers for pickups of partially-full waste containers or by municipalities for overweight compactors on their roads. In some cases, companies have reported haul savings upwards of 40% per month. 

2. Time to value savings

There is minimal time and resource impact when installing and managing a smart waste monitoring service. As a result, the staff hours that were once dedicated to waste operations can be reallocated to more productive tasks, improving the immediate and long-term effects on workflow and production.

3. Improve efficiency

As the world returns to a new normal, many businesses are viewing their workflow in a new light, seeking opportunities to improve. Smart waste solutions are ideally suited for improving efficiency of waste operations, as the automation of the typical steps in waste monitoring and management process eliminates the need for human intervention, thus human errors and safety concerns.

4. Improve visibility

With intelligent monitoring, you now have direct visibility into your waste operations and with that visibility comes control. Whether you have just one compactor or dozens across multiple locations, smart waste monitoring allows you to view their status from one location, easily identifying trends in waste volumes and streams and allowing you to proactively allocate resources where needed. Because you can’t improve what you can’t measure, and you can’t measure what you can’t see, visibility and control over your data can translate into advantages over competitors that aren’t “smart”.

5. Avoid headaches

Stop losing sleep at night trying to remember if your supervisor called in for your compactor to be emptied or hoping the compactor doesn’t pack-out during the holiday weekend. Using a smart container monitoring solution, like Contelligent’s, you can rest assured it is doing the hard legwork that once required your people and time to complete. Also, you can easily access your data in your custom portal and have 24/7 support from a team of experts, dedicated to helping with your waste needs. Like Google’s Nest thermostat, both are easily installed, have customizable settings (heat/cool) and are automated. Their settings can be remotely managed, alerts are automatically sent, and device data is available at your fingertips. And like the Nest, you have peace of mind because you adopted a smart waste monitoring solution.

Become part of the IoT revolution   

Don’t wait any longer to get the benefits of integrating smart technology with your container monitoring. Connect with one of our Contelligent experts to learn how IoT and smart waste technologies can work for you.