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May 19, 2021

Dollars and Sense: How Container Monitoring Subscriptions Work for You

More often than I care to admit, I look at my credit card bill each month and realize “Hey, I forgot to cancel the subscription to that service I don’t use, again!”, vowing to get rid of it by the end of the day. This internal conversation, however, happens monthly until I finally cancel the service, but not before realizing the small charge of a subscription has now cost me so much more for something unused.

Sound familiar? Stories like this are happening with both personal and work subscription services. A WMG study found that those surveyed spent 197% more on subscription services than they originally thought.

So, in the world of IoT subscriptions, how can you make sure what you are signed up for is working for YOU?

It pays for itself….and more

A small monthly fee is nothing as long as you use the product. If using a meal delivery service saves you the time and energy of not going to the grocery store, it’s worth it. But what if that subscription could do more and say, save you 30% off your grocery bill?

By implementing a smart container monitoring subscription service, like Contelligent, customers have seen savings upwards of 30% per month on their waste hauling fees. Smart monitors alert haulers for pickup only when a compactor is full. Basing pickups on compactor fullness versus set schedules, the subscription pays for itself by eliminating just one pickup per month.

It gives you control

The power of a good subscription is that it is available when you need it. Did you forget to shut the garage door and turn on the security system? With the right subscription, you can simply pull out your phone and, in seconds flat, you’re able to resolve the issues and protect your home.

Subscribing to a container monitoring service works for you in the same vein. With smart container monitors, you and your hauler are notified whenever your container is full. You can easily adapt the service to meet changes due to busier workflows or inclement weather. With the click of a few buttons, you have control over your containers like never before.  

It gives you invaluable insights

Say you are looking for insights into your health and wellness, someone might recommend a Fitbit. Fitbit can provide your daily step count and heart rate, but along with that, Fitbit has a monthly subscription that provides fitness classes, meditation and a variety of personalized insights that help track your wellness progress.

Now, think of an IoT waste management subscription as maintaining the wellness of your container monitoring. Having multi-container, multi-location visibility gives you in-depth knowledge of how your containers are being used, how often they are full, when they are serviced, etc. Actionable insights based on this data help to create a waste program that can keep your business in peak health for years to come.

A subscription that works for you

Subscription services make daily life easier and help drive businesses forward. Ready to make a smart container monitoring service subscription work for you? Contact our experts at Contelligent to see how quickly it can pay for itself.