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June 8, 2021

Do Your Waste Operations Need an Operation? Smart Sensors Could Be the Cure.

As you reflect on your business over the past 12-18 months, did it sometimes feel like you were playing the board game Operation™?

Seeking out places in your business that could be retooled, revamped, or reimagined for a quarantined world and beyond? Like in the game, you might need to set a problem down, then start again from a different angle until you were ultimately able to find the best solution for your business.

Your waste program may well be one of the areas you revisited, and perhaps a solution didn’t come to mind immediately. Consider the “angle” of adding automation and smart sensor technology as a solution to your waste monitoring issues. Gain visibility and transparency into your operations with smart sensors. The power of IoT smart monitors lies in the safety, savings, and insight they can provide your business.

No “Wrenched Ankle” Here – Keep Employees Safe

According to the CDC’s most recent data, 27% of nonfatal workplace injuries result from slips, trips and falls. This means time away from work, overtime pay for additional coverage, maybe even delayed workflow.

In the same way, an operating room needs to be organized and prepped for every surgery, maintaining employee safety by keeping debris off your work floor and in its proper container is vitally important and necessary at all times. That’s where smart IoT sensors can help, monitoring container fullness, immediately alerting both you and your hauler that a pickup is needed. Dangerous waste overflow is eliminated, you stay informed, and your employees remain safe.

Avoid Dreaded “Writer’s Cramp” – Save Yourself Time

Imagine you were a surgeon, but instead of dedicating the time before a procedure to researching and developing a plan with your team, you must first manually acquire the right surgical tools, reserve the operating room, and schedule your team? Clearly, by not using technology and your staff to complete the administrative tasks, you are not able to focus on the more important task at hand, the actual surgery.

Similarly, you may not even realize how much time and energy you’re spending manually monitoring your waste program and not focusing on key business drivers. Spending a few minutes physically checking container fullness, gathering container data across multiple sites, or calling haulers for a pickup may seem inconsequential at that moment. But if you step back, these few minutes here & there quickly adds up. Using smart waste technology on your containers, you have visibility into your waste monitoring at your fingertips: check your containers’ fullness without leaving workstations, access views across multiple site locations quickly, confirm pickups without picking up a phone, avoid work interruptions due to overflows or pack-outs, etc. And the time you’ve reclaimed can be used to focus on what’s important while maintaining control over your waste program.

Get the Big End of the “Wishbone” – Insight for the Future

Company meetings via Teams, visits with loved ones via Facetime, happy hours via Zoom – digital tools and smart software helped us to connect during a time of uncertainty. Similarly, smart container monitoring directly connects you to your waste container data. This instant container connection is instrumental in arming you with actionable insights into not only your waste flow but your business as well – helping you make decisions for now and the future.

Smart Container Monitoring May Be the Cure You Didn’t Know You Needed

On their own, a tiny plastic wrench, pencil, or wishbone seem like small concerns for the player, but they caused heightened stress and anxiety when trying to remove them during game time. With 30+ years of history, Contelligent provides the smart sensors needed to automate waste programs around the world, helping our clients alleviate their small waste concerns immediately so that they don’t grow into stressful obstacles later. Learn what Contelligent can do for you.