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March 30, 2021

Deminar Series: Wise Up Your Container Monitoring

More than just a dashboard

Contelligent’s smart container monitoring is more than what’s in the box or on your screen. Between our best-in-class hardware, field-leading software and unyielding support, we synergize the best in monitoring and analytics for a comprehensive solution. ​

Join us for an exploration of what makes Contelligent different and improve your CQ (Container Intelligence) with the help of our experts.

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Rethinking Container Operations & Efficiency
Thursday, April 22; 12:30p-1:00p, CT

There’s never been a more difficult time to predict your content or waste generation trends and paying to haul a half-empty compactor or container can pose serious risks to your bottom line. Explore how Contelligent ensures site managers can keep their focus on high value work and away from tedious manual container checks and call-ins.

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Beyond Compactors | Smart Sensors & Container Monitoring
Wednesday, April 28; 12:30p-1:00p, CT

Contelligent’s best-in-class solution doesn’t stop at waste management. Smart container monitoring pays dividends everywhere containers are, from manufacturing to donations and beyond. Automating time-consuming processes, optimizing routes and schedules and creating predictive models to help drive revenue. Learn all the ways that Contelligent monitoring and analytics helps make life easier for managers, drivers and workforces across industries.

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Video: Total Visibility, Full Control | Container Monitoring & Analytics of Tomorrow

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