Think differently about your container

OnePlus Systems, the global leader in Intelligent Container Monitoring and Analytics solutions, has announced that it will change its name to Contelligent. This comes as part of a rebranding effort to build on its market momentum and reflect the company’s growth strategy and solution.

The name Contelligent builds upon the idea that the information from within containers produces powerful insights that drive action to enable greater operational savings and benefit. It also reflects the growth and direction of a company on the move, but with strong roots in its past. Furthermore, Contelligent brings together all container monitoring solutions under a single brand with superior user experience.

Contelligent Solutions

Built by Experts, Built for your industry

Waste & Recycling


Fresh Oil & Lubricants


Donations & Textiles


Waste Oil


Used Cooking Oil


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a series of Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand why we renamed, what it means it to you, and what you can expect.

We have been helping companies for 30 years drive action based on the information within their tanks and containers to enable greater visibility and operational efficiency. Even in the midst of a pandemic, existing customers and new customers looked to us to manage variability in their operations. It culminates our strong core values and the rich history our company was built upon and cements our unwavering commitment to our clients around the world. Further, the name Contelligent brings together all our container monitoring solutions under a single brand and user experience. Regardless of company size or industry, Contelligent understands your needs and provides a superior service and customer experience to help you achieve your goals.

Contelligent = Container + Intelligence

Contelligent suggests that visibility of data from within containers creates insights that drive action, enabling operational savings and benefits. It reflects the growth and direction of a company fast on the move, but with strong roots in its past. Furthermore, the name Contelligent brings together all our container monitoring solutions under a single brand, advanced analytics, and a superior user experience.

Contelligent puts our customers in control with advanced insights into their containers, helping them drive operational savings, improve sustainability initiatives, and protect the safety and wellness of their employees.

  • Intelligent monitoring and analytics solutions – built by experts, built for your industry
  • Independent, proven expertise with an established track record and deep industry knowledge
  • Seamless customer experience that includes a dedicated team to anticipates customer needs
  • Best of breed Analytics platform providing a business-level view with benchmarking, actionable insights and predictive capabilities

Contelligent provides two primary types of sensors – one designed for a specifically for compactors, and the other is designed for closed-top containers that will monitor fullness for applications such as fresh oil & lubricants distribution, donations and textile collection, used cooking oil and waste cooking oil collection.

Contelligent is the only vendor in the market with a patented cloud-based platform that centralizes the management for all these container types.

Yes. For more than 30 years we have been working with wide range of waste management, recycling, container manufacturers and distribution businesses.

If improving operational effectiveness is important, then Contelligent is right for you. Connect with us. Our experts will demonstrate the numerous operational benefits the Contelligent platform will provide.