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April 5, 2021
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Contelligent Announces One+ Partner Program for Waste & Recycling Service Providers

Container monitoring and analytics leader seeks to establish first-of-their-kind partnership program.

CHICAGO, April 5, 2021 ( — Today, Contelligent (formerly known as OnePlus Systems), a leader in smart container monitoring, is officially unveiling its One+ Partner Program, extending an exclusive invitation to waste and recycling service providers to integrate Contelligent’s proprietary smart container monitoring solutions into their offering. Qualified partners gain access to Contelligent software, hardware and support they won’t find anywhere else, allowing a deeper understanding of their accounts, more targeted service and thousands in potential cost savings. 

Rebranded from OnePlus Systems, Contelligent represents the present and future of container monitoring at large. What began as compactor monitoring hardware has evolved into an all-in-one solution supporting an array of containers types, such as bins, tanks and drums and helping hundreds of waste and recycling servicers and their customers drive revenue and reduce risk by providing invaluable insight into container performance, fill levels, hauler schedules and more.  

“As smart devices and IoT continue to shift the way industries view compactors, containers and its contents, companies that embrace and integrate automation and predictive tech into their day-to-day operations will be better positioned to attack obstacles and attract more customers,” notes Stacey Kacek, CEO. “Our ability to provide transparency (visibility) and control over data to drive insights has helped our customers, regardless of size or location, evolve their container monitoring and analytics.” 

Contelligent’s single-mindedness on container monitoring helps to identify and address market shifts and respond through innovation, enabling partners to focus on their business.  

One+ Partner Program delivers: 

Expanded customer reach 

Differentiating a partner’s offering with the inclusion of a powerful, automated monitoring solution, extending their service beyond compactors, to include other closed containers. Contelligent tailors in-house software, hardware and support to meet customer needs. 

Stronger customer retention 

Partners can support claims of savings and efficiencies with data-backed proof, helping them right-size their service levels, haul frequency and more. Co-marketing tools allow for a deeper customer understanding and capability set. 

Improved productivity 

With access to Contelligent sales trainings and priority customer support, partners can reduce their troubleshooting time, improve output potential and even provide feedback and input on upcoming products and solutions from Contelligent 

To learn more about how to expand their offering with smart container monitoring and drive customer value, waste and recycling service providers are invited to One+ Partner Program webinar: Thursday, April 15, 12:30pm to 1:15 pm, CT.  

For more information about the One+ Partner Program, visit 

About Contelligent  

Formerly known as OnePlus Systems, Contelligent is a global leader in intelligent container monitoring and analytics. With 30+ years of experience and 10,000+ installations, Contelligent is trusted internationally by SMBs and Fortune 100 companies to provide IoT monitoring solutions for their closed containers, uncovering invaluable insights and untapped opportunities to help drive revenue and streamline operations. The way the world thinks of containers is changing, and Contelligent is leading the charge.