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Contelligent seamlessly integrates the most advanced hardware, software and support into your existing systems, across manufacturing, grocery & retail, property management, donations and beyond.

Material applications

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  • Waste & Recycling

    Create real visibility into your operations, protect hydraulic compactors from misuse and develop accurate accounts to eliminate back-office paper shuffling.

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    Contelligent’s monitoring and analytics offers the control and visibility to realize operational efficiencies, minimize safety incidents and protect against fraudulent use. Closed container data can help support measuring your progress against sustainability and zero waste goals.

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  • Oils & Liquids

    Streamline distribution schedules, track in-process materials and automate collection routes to optimize your savings.

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    Whether you’re a distributor, collector or manufacturer, closed container data is critical to the full spectrum of your business, facilitating accurate driver deployment, real-time fill level knowledge and variability response.

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  • Donations & Textiles

    Keep tabs on your entire fleet of closed containers in just a few clicks, monitor volume and analyze the profitability of each route.

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    Avoid messy, overfilled bins with just-in-time collections, reducing the cost of each pick up while increasing its revenue. Bin to bin, city to city, retain real-time data on each bin for total optimization.

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The comprehensive solution

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Smarter Software

Intuitive interfaces distill 30 years of field experience into user-friendly charts, diagnostics and predictive tools.

We’re more than a dashboard. Our cloud-based, integrable platform provides practical business intelligence tools that allow real time analysis that can inform decisions from moment to moment.

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Smarter Support

Proactive monitoring and automated troubleshooting work as hard for your company after installation.

Alongside our 24/7 data monitoring platform, our experts solve 90% of problems before customers even see them. We’re always at attention, supporting your business when you need it.

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