Monitoring & Analytics for Used Cooking Oil

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for Used Cooking Oils

Improve collection efficiency and eliminate spills

Contelligent monitoring for Used Cooking Oil ensures the perfect time and location to collect from your clients. Optimized collections yield greater savings in the form of driver hours, truck wear, admin and fuel spend, meaning even if oil prices are down, your operation is working as cost-efficiently as possible, improving your bottom line!

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Key Benefits

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Real-time fill level accuracy, geo location and temperature

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Send routes directly to drivers tablets or smartphones

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Know the volume and value of collection routes before you go

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Generate efficient collection routes for only the containers requiring servicing

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Analyze and benchmark the performance of your operation

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Inform your strategy with detailed KPI reports

Real-time fullness status Icon

Real-time status of fill-levels for all of your containers

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Track drivers as they service their smart routes

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Zero maintenance with a non-corrosive protective shell

At a Glance

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Gain visibility



Optimize routing based on container status and location



Using Insights to spot trends, create benchmarks, and for continuous improvement

“Reliability takes the guess work out of keeping tabs on our bin stock and allows vendors to manage load times.”

“Incredibly informative and accurate. It has vastly improve our waste and recycling operations”

“Convenient, economical, efficient, accurate”

“Would never go without using Contelligent for my containers”

The Contelligent Advantage

Superior Analytics platform

Deep industry knowledge and experience

Seamless implementation and onboarding

Dedicated team that supports your every need

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