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Modernize, innovate, and drive operational savings

Built with the most reliable sensor and cloud software; Contelligent provides transparency and control into your waste and recycling operations.  Whether for recycling or solid waste, Contelligent provides fullness monitoring of compactors creating visibility into your operations, automates the process, and puts you in control….so you can focus on other more important things.

Contelligent Montoring for Compactors

Full Security & Usage Reporting

Need more than just Compactor Fullness Monitoring? Ideal for multi-tenant or multi-department shared environments, Contelligent also provides integrated security features that allows only authorized access to protect compactors against fraudulent use and provides an accurate account for bill-back services.

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Key Benefits

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Monitors Fullness

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Automates notifications

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Provides Insights

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Real time status

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Minimize Downtime

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Improves Sustainability

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Security & Usage

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Hauler Management

At a Glance

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Gain visibility and control into your waste and recycling operation



Streamline and automate how and when compactors are picked up



Spot trends, take actions, and create benchmarks for continuous improvement

“Reliability takes the guess work out of keeping tabs on our bin stock and allows vendors to manage load times.”

“Incredibly informative and accurate. It has vastly improve our waste and recycling operations”

“Convenient, economical, efficient, accurate”

“Would never go without using Contelligent for my containers”

The Contelligent Advantage

Superior Analytics platform

Deep industry knowledge and experience

Seamless implementation and onboarding

Dedicated team that supports your every need

Waste & Recycling Contelligent Advantage